Clan Agnew 2.0

Welcome to an open website about Scottish Clan Agnew. Why is it open? Because anyone, who is in any way connected with Clan Agnew can register here and be able to make changes, add new information and be an active member of the Agnew Community. Because the real wisdom and power is within the members of the society.

Would you like to become an Editor? Simply register here and later send us an e-mail with request for Editor permissions and few words about yourself to info at clanagnew dot info.

This website is not connected with any official clan society. It aims to be a signpost where everybody can add clan links, information about events and historical data.


Agnew, Agneli, Agnex, Aignell, Aggnew, Agnewe, Agneaux, Aygnel, Angnew, Slavan